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Monday, 25 July 2011

Malay cronicles

rite now i am taking a break from my final examination,and usually it will mostly by friends kept teasing me on how long do i have to sleep??
well,it just that i dont have any particularly interesting things to do...
my wiser move is to be on hibernate mode and stay afresh when 'interesting' thing did show up..

i opened up my twitter just now,got my eyes pinpointed for my fren and tweet.they both talking bout
i just browsed the link and ended up reading a long interesting articles..
it so happened that i am a MALAY,otherwise this articles might bored here.

did the blog entry interested??

it is a nature thing for a human to know their background.after reading the article,many question came out of my head.well, i started to question how great is the MALAY races..if you are to see malay people nowadays,it mostly made up of drug addict,gender disorder and political stupidity.well,i blamed all of this as go**'s fault.

this is some of the fact i found amazing in the articles:
1.the ages of the pyramid based on radiocarbon test estimated around 8000 before masihi.the construction of pyramid in Mesir thus estimated 5000 years after that said period.means,if it is indeed a 'malay' pyramid,our technology must have been far superior in the past~leaving egyptian behind..
malay civilisation should be on par with the mesopotamia in the history books..

2.though i keen to see the pyramid with my naked eyes,the evidence for malay influence lies on the rencong caligraph scribed within hall of chamber at the west-south of the,there is evidence of keris found in the structure.whos else using keris as their symbolic weapon?

3.malay is said to produced extraordinary prodigy.
Mistis Org. said that there are several hundreds more prodigy studied apart form adiputra and sufiah yusof.if the proclaim issue is true about malay as the 'lost tribe' in jewish line,so it makes perfect sense why malay posess superior is all stated in Quranic verse that jewish is the most advanced races that they began to looked down onto others races.still,malay is the race which bestowed upon the light of Islam..we should be proud of that fact...

4.they realised that mixed breed of malay with other races is the key for "human Mutan"
the funny facts is their move to send girls to breed child from malay man is a failure.because whoever married with  islamic men must changed their religion into Islam too~~now,there are switching target to malay girls.beware k?

5.the relevance in Hang Tuah's saying:
ever wondered why he said this??all young teenages nowadays do now are watching 'maharaja lawak'!! =..="
if you are watching as a tension releaser is ok. but watching the same thing 10 times is no cool at all...
Hang Tuah is very convinced because :

  • ancient egypt,phoenicia,assyria,babylon,and as far as the viking tribes....they have kept the track recorded of the most mysterious Malay cronicles..
  • 'malay cronicles' transcript has been given to many different races..
  • the Srivijaya Emperor has ordered his decendants to built plenty 'negarakota' to remain its survival.
  • golden chersonese in the Great Ptolemy's work
  • Gold supply for the palace of Sulaiman/Solomon is imported from ophir: the ancient civilisation from far east.
  • Ancient pharaoh's manuscript in hierogliph said the supply of spice, etc. came from the Nusantara region.when the other part of the world just trading small water hole,this civilisation has been trading GOLD..awesome!
my only question is why we,the malay race dont have such deep access throughout our own civilisation???
what is our national Archives doing??why dont you buy historic treasures from the Europe than an old submarine..=.=

6.The Lost tribe
this one is new fact for me.this has been told in many ancient jewish is said that the lost tribe is a mountain tribe (Malai people).how scary the fact that Israel is aiming for this race as the whole Red Indian is killed in mass murder because of this.there is still one race identified to follow the teaching of Ibrahim and Yusof.On todays term,they are called Lost Islamic Jewish from the record of Illuminati and Zionis. now that the are several proves lead to the Malay races,did you think that Israil will going easy on us.dude,we are not even prepared for the basic..all we did was laughing and playing a lot dude.

7.Zionis,Illuminati,and even lady gaga is eyeing on us..
well,in case you havent noticed we are now under indirect attack from outsider.first because Malaysia is an Islamic country,second because Malaysia is a MALAY country..we just dont know how many entertainment sources are being funded by them.we also dont know who started the K-pop fever(it just my verdict),we also dont know the english song could trigger the hyper effect of being not afraid to do sin.Malaysia is currently humiliated for censoring Lady gaga song lyric in 'born this way' song which raise up the issue of gay,lesbian,transexed and all.why of all the country you specifically chosen to fire Malaysia for such a small issue..because they are blocked to further weaken the mind of younger people in Malay race.for this,i thanked the govt. 

8.the Malay established a flower kingdom on the hill side of the highest place of hiMALAYAn....
Malay people really love to grow beautiful flowers in the place.even tiny details are count here.

9.why the world barely knew this Malay??
because ILLUMINATI is doing great job in keeping every details on this civilization a secret.they will never FORGET on the prophecy on their great fortune-teller NOSTRADAMUS.though its kinda hard to found the exact quatrains on which this prediction is made,the essence can be translated like this;
"Dia muncul dari negeri yang terletak di pertemuan tiga buah laut. Negara Timur tempat perjuangan pemimpin tersebut terletak di pertemuan tiga buah laut."
though i bet there must be evidence in holy Quran regarding this matters.our race is still sleeping!!it is us who will be the saviour of our relatives in the is become clearer now to why the Jew hold our flotila to reach the Palestine in the mission to send basic goods.sigh!!

 lastly,for my conclusion,Malay race is indeed one of the greatest race.we are on the same intelligence with the jews,though we tend to diminish given times.
we also have the most fluent tongue ever and can be as good as native speaker.we speak arabic with correct accent,german,japanese,korea,spanish,france,chinese and even Basque can be properly learnt given correct environment.English is easy as cake..
we can study really well in last minute and some can even score high you ever see a Japanese study one day before examination?no..though this is based on my observation only..
we can copy anything others show.AMERICAN IDOL,SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE,K-POP GROUP?!..
if only this gift can be used for better things.surely Malay peeps can improvised the latest technology and come up with super invention if only we are a bit serious..i have no doubt

a simple question to opened up your mind.why is that 'they' just use the mind control conspiracy on the CURRENT young generation(which is us)??
why dont first used it in the 90's when the internet started to introduce...
i strongly think that the third world war is happening when this current generation took over the previous one.when the time when our generation becomes adult.and if we just realised at that time,it will be too late.
the young people must started to draw a well-advised plan to counter-part this war.we have to be serious now..Fill your heart with knowledge and have a strong faith..
let just become a race STRONGER than ever in the very own hands of us~~
please wake up from this long dream...

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